Top Best Impressive Modular Kitchen Accessories

Most of the Modular kitchens are always looking excellent, glossy, flexible and has more space for storage. Modular Kitchen accessories are the structure that composes them to look so superior without negotiation on working function. Here are the top best impressive accessories that you must really have in your Modular kitchen.
Vicky Interior is specialized in designing Modular Kitchen in Madurai. Having excellent skills in designing modular kitchen, we are sharing this blog post.
Before getting Impressive Modular Kitchen accessories, check out the Latest Trends in Modular Kitchen Design

Tall Component
Kitchens with the tall component pack is more amazing when you wonder where all the kitchen accessories are arranged in a proper manner and disappeared into the tall component or cabin. The importance of this tall component or units can never be overemphasized. If your kitchens have a massive amount of dinner service or groceries which required a lengthy shelf, in this modular kitchen, …

7 Home Interior Decorating Trends in 2017

We are now at halfway into 2017 and are observing an innovative wave of home interior decoration trends in 2017. Nowadays, most of the homeowners are well attentive on selecting an interior decoration, which has made the home decor industry to do introduce some new trends in 2017.
Vicky Interior is a professional interior designer in Madurai offers varieties of interior decoration services like office interior in Madurai, Modular kitchen in Madurai, etc. In this article, we are sharing some 7 Home Interior Decoration Trends in 2017.

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Integrate with Smart Home Appliance We hope you understand how much this integrating your home with the smart appliance. In 2017 you can’t avoid the latest technology. As per your budget, you can estimate what kind of smart appliance you need.
Smart home appliance involves the control and automation of lighting, ventilation, heating, Air conditioning, refrigerators, washer/dryers and most i…

How Your Office Design Create More Productivity

There are plenty of things you must keep in mind while designing your office space.  Make sure the office space may not be professional and attractive, but it also must be well-designed.  Vicky interior also specializes in office interior in Madurai offering tips on office design to increase the productivity.
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Type of Office
The very first thing is which type of office you are. Make sure whether your office space is just for your workers or it is for everyday visitors. Also kindly plan your office interior design layout as per the type of work in mind. Some office types require big open spaces, while others require a small space for computers and other office equipment.
Drop the Clutter
Make sure clutter-free desk will seriously enlarge the productivity and business. As an employee, you have to do your best to keep your stuff tidy and neat in your personal space, it also includes your compute…

Top Best Modular Kitchen Designs for Your Home

If you are forecasting to renovate your old traditional kitchen design to a modular kitchen? Or want to design a brand new modular kitchen to your home? And confused about how to pick the best modular kitchen design for your Home?
Don’t worry Vicky Interior is here to provide you the best modular kitchen design that suitable for your home.

Types of Modular Kitchen Design
U- shaped kitchens: It is well-known for their large size and capitalizes on organizing everything for easy to reach. These kitchen designs are finest for storage space.
L-shaped kitchens: This kitchen design makes use of two adjacent walls and proposes the most flexibility. It is also suitable for both large and small kitchen spaces. There are some more variations available in this design make it an easy to fit.

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Seasonal Home Decoration Ideas

Holiday is the best time, which offers a simple inspirational idea for home decoration. But there are various decorating options you can utilize as the season changes. If you love to transform the look of your home for each season, the decoration is the exact tactic when it comes to interior design.
Vicky Interior is here to provide some Seasonal Home Decoration Ideas.

Spring Season
As the spring season arrived, you might feel like to refresh the look of your home to the next level. Fresh fragrance and flowers play a vital role in the spring season, you can include these items in each and every room and it gives clean and fresh experience.
Continue your flower-patterned decor in the living room with the funny new pattern. Include small pots and greenery to your living room to make it feel like a spring season.
Winter Season

When it comes to the winter season, most of the homeowners are getting confused with what to do when holidays is ended. For this season, you can make a choice of two…

Transform Your Interior Design with these economical Materials

Transforming the Interior Design seems to be a difficult task. Not everyone has the talent of designing. But, there are some tactics you can add or building blocks which will assist you to create a design. Have a look at the best interior design transformation Idea using economical Materials. You can also read – Latest Trends in Modular Kitchen Design

Cinder Blocks
Day by day this cinder blocks provide a classy look to the walls and floors. This cinder block is the most obvious choices among architect. These cinder blocks have cost very little.
Copper Pipes
Usually, these copper pipes are available at the lowest price, you can see these pipes on small projects. They are easy-to-use device and screw together hanging tool racks, side tables, even faucets.

Plywood is the layer of wooden sheet glued-together to form one plywood sheet. Each layer is swap 90 degrees to increase the strength and decrease the damage. Based on these properties, plywood looks pleasant and low costs. Added thi…

Latest Trends in Modular Kitchen Design

The Kitchen is one of the most essential parts of each and every home. While comparing the usage of other rooms like living room, bedroom, and bathroom, this kitchen room makes the maximum amount of usage rate. So it is important to make your kitchen to be more stylized and compact. For the Modular kitchen Designs is the best choice. This kitchen is not only stylish but makes cooking easy also. 

This modular kitchen makes a fresh outlook to your homes. It can be designed or available in a variety of colors like red, orange, blue, green and natural shades like cedar and birch. This modular kitchen design became more popular in all over the world.
Here Vicky interior is an Interior Designer specialized in Modular Kitchen in Madurai, share you the latest trends in designing a Modular kitchen.
Outline of Modular Kitchen Designs The Advantage of this Modular kitchen is, it combines the sink and kitchen furniture.Modular kitchens, having straight line pattern and slight beauty is in trend.Ha…